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Well as we know the disease is multi systemic, which means that it can attack any organ or system in the body and usually more than one at a time. This makes it difficult not only as a patient but as a doctor as well. I have heard numerous times by many different doctors that it is so very rare that it can affect more than the lungs or that it can attack multiple areas at once. I am diagnosed with multi systemic sarcoidosis which they have diagnosed me with lung, heart, bone, pancreas and kidney but also have numerous other organs affected by this disease. Thus to many making me a rare case as to the doctors who see me. With this diagnosis I have been refused at walk in clinics and also be rejected as such a case in emergency rooms.

I know that I am not alone with the disease being so agresive and multi systemic and would like to know if there are many out there with more than just lung involvement or just one area that is affected?

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